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At Catchafire, we bring foundation staff and corporate philanthropy together to discuss pressing needs and innovative solutions. In these learning moments, you'll experience collaboration, data-backed solutions, and honest curiosity.

Scaling Volunteer Talent for Statewide Health Impacts

Catchafire and Michigan Health Endowment Fund have partnered to provide capacity building support and professional development opportunities to nonprofits by connecting them to skills-based volunteers. Learn how the fund has stretched resources, opportunities, and technology to make a healthy difference with statewide impact.

Guest Speakers: Megan Murphy, Director, Community Health & Capacity Building, Michigan Health Endowment Fund


How Patagonia Action Works drives Community Impact

Leave with takeaways on how to build company momentum for environmental causes, resource nonprofits and grantees for growth and impact on Catchafire, and find inspiration on how to elevate and support grassroots leaders as part of your community strategy

Guest Speakers: Sam Murch, Patagonia Action Works Program Manager


“I realize now that I would rather take Catchafire over a grant. The projects that I have gotten done have resulted in much more value in comparison to that grant."

—Payal Sawhney, Founding Executive Director, Saahas For Cause

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