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Change can't wait. Collaborating for health equity

Collaborative, community-driven grants built on trust and respect transform relationship with grantees. Join Catchafire and the Stupski Foundation for insights into how health equity values can be built into your grantmaking to create sustainable improvements in the health of communities you care about. You’ll hear whose voices in the philanthropic process were sought out and honored to pivot towards racial equity and cultural relevance.

Guest Speakers: La Roux Pendelton + Dan Tuttle from Stupski Foundation & Dr. Sulma Gandhi, Hawai?i Health


Driving Employee Engagement from C-Suite to Deskless employees

Strategic insights from CBRE, a global Fortune 500, on why cultivating a workplace culture of givers is good for business and for your people.

Join and learn:
- How company wide employment engagement drives inclusive opportunities for diverse teams
- Learn immediate lifts and long-tail strategies that reach C-Suite to deskless employees
- Why cultivating a workplace culture of givers is good for business and good for people

Guest Speakers: Ryan N. Mitchel, Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; CBRE Advisory Services + Veronica Hayden, Global Director, CBRE Cares


Listening Out: Capacity Building as a Key Strategy for Grantmakers

Join us for an hour with the Hellman Foundation for insights into how grantee capacity building can be built into your grantmaking strategy and values.

  • How grantee capacity building efforts can advance your commitment to equity
  • How to ensure that capacity building support will be beneficial for grantees
  • How to stay rooted in your values for complex public-private programs that include communities, cities, and counties

Guest Speakers: Anna Luna + Laurel Severt from Hirsch Philanthropy Partners, Blanch Vance from Grove Foundation


“I realize now that I would rather take Catchafire over a grant. The projects that I have gotten done have resulted in much more value in comparison to that grant." format_quote

—Payal Sawhney, Founding Executive Director, Saahas For Cause

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