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Plans designed for impact

Fortune 1000's, workplace philanthropy, and grantmakers trust Catchafire to accelerate their community impact.

Select the best products for your organization. Invite nonprofits and employees on a rolling basis with any plan.



All the essentials to manage a simple volunteering and nonprofit impact program.
  • Unlimited access
  • 1:1 pro bono consulting calls
  • 150+ short term project options
  • In-person volunteering
  • Donations
  • Microvolunteering

  • Support for you and your users
  • Dedicated Program Success Manager
  • Live phone and chat support with Catchafire advisors
  • Self-service knowledge hub
  • Nonprofit needs assessment and volunteer action plans
  • Tailored programming
  • Kickoff campaign
  • Live Getting Started webinar
  • Live master class for nonprofits
  • Custom domain

  • Impact reporting
  • Client portal
  • Real-time reporting
  • Engagement metrics
  • Quarterly program and data review

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All the essentials in Build plus a powerful set of additional engagement benefits.

  • Engagement
  • Team volunteering
  • Microvolunteering group events
  • Board recruitment

  • Tailored programming
  • Branded login portal(s)
  • Charitable giving
  • Employee stipends and rewards
  • Giving campaigns

  • Impact reporting
  • Monthly program and data review



Everything in Build and Grow, plus unlock enhanced services of your choosing.

  • Facilitated volunteering event(s)
  • Advanced reporting + Impact Genome integration
  • Custom programming for nonprofits
  • Nonprofit organization sourcing service
  • Single sign on (SSO)

Special package


Maximize your team building with high-impact corporate volunteer events.

  • Pre and post event support
  • Virtual or in person 
  • Trained facilitators during the event
  • Keynote nonprofit(s)
  • Impact reporting

Product and engagement







1:1 pro bono consulting calls between nonprofit and volunteer
150+ project templates, sorted by need and skill
Skills-based  and virtual volunteering
In person volunteering
Employee stipends & rewards
Giving campaigns
Nonprofit Board Recruitment
Team volunteering
Local community manager
Nonprofit organization sourcing
Facilitated volunteering event
Custom event(s)

Programming and events







Tailored onboarding
Includes (1) master class for nonprofits
Includes (1) master class for nonprofits
Custom programming and event(s)
Kickoff campaign
Live Getting Started webinar
Custom domain
Microvolunteering group events
Branded login portals
Single Sign On

Impact reporting







Client portal
Real-time reporting
Advanced + Impact Genome API
Engagement metrics
Data review








Support from a dedicated program success manager 
Plus quarterly data review
Plus monthly data review
Plus monthly data review
Custom domain
Self-serve knowledge hub
Live phone and chat support with Catchafire advisors
Nonprofit needs assessment
Personalized volunteer action plans

Frequently asked questions

Does Catchafire work with Community Foundations and Private Foundations? What about companies of different sizes?

Yes, we work with traditional grantmakers such as private foundations, family foundations, independent foundations, community foundations and corporate foundations. We also partner with corporations of all sizes and work environments to drive employee engagement and community impact.

Catchafire has the technology, support and nonprofit relationships to scale impact in both the philanthropic foundation space and the employee engagement space. 

Do I have to sponsor nonprofits? What if I don't have relationships with nonprofits?

Yes, we’re a dual-sided platform and ask all partners to cover a minimum of ten nonprofits, which enriches the experience for your employees by ensuring that there are diverse and relevant projects and calls volunteer opportunities from which to choose from. We have over 1,000 nonprofits in need of a sponsor. When you take them on, you immediately get credit for the impact they’ve made.

What does onboarding look like?

We’ll get you up and running immediately. We have a proven, turnkey model that enables a seamless process to both set up your digital experience and ensure that your sponsored nonprofits [and employees] have the information they need to get started immediately. You’ll work with your dedicated implementation manager to launch your program.

Our partners

Strengthen your community and centralize your impact programs in one place.

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