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Well-being and Happiness

Volunteering and its surprising benefits 

Volunteering is a chance for you to flex your skills and show your network what matters most to you.

Volunteering matters

Make new friends. Pay it forward. Advance your career. Connect with your community. Gain experience in a new field. Get a sense of purpose. Refresh your portfolio. These are all honest reasons to volunteer and share as you go.

“Catchafire helps wake up my brain from the finance world, where I work. It has allowed me to talk to nonprofits across the globe and gain portfolio experience while building skills in other industries.”

Krista H.
UX Researcher and Strategist

Share your volunteer achievements

Doing good feels good, but recognition adds a layer of fulfillment that we all understand. As a volunteer on Catchafire, we make it easy to find and share your impact. 

View of a volunteer's Catchafire impact card
Share your impact using numbers

On Catchafire, we celebrate you every time you volunteer. In your volunteer dashboard, you'll find a shareable impact card highlighting your contributions to date. In one click, you can tell your LinkedIn community about your hobby. 

View of a impact story featuring a nonprofit testimonial
Seek feedback and improvement

When you volunteer, you and the nonprofit are invited to leave compliments, suggestions, and ideas to make your next volunteer connection more impactful. 

View of a Catchafire volunteer adding volunteer experience to their resume

Give your resume a competitive advantage  

You can treat a volunteer section on your resume like a separate work experience, especially if you have multiple volunteering roles under your belt. List the name of the organization, the dates you were involved, and give 2-3 bullet points on the project and your achievements.

Join our workshop! Resume Remix: Leveraging Volunteer Experience for Career Growth on May 16.

A manager sends a message to a volunteer who is tagged as open to board recruitement on Catchafire.

Boost your career with board service 

Joining a nonprofit board gives you board room experience, providing invaluable insights into the dynamics of executive-level decision-making. 

At any time, with just a simple toggle in your settings, you can express your interest in board service and match with a nonprofit. 

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Find the right volunteer opportunity today

Make friends, advance your career, and inspire change in your social circle.