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A view of a nonprofit director watching a virtual event on Catchafire.


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virtual event

Rural America: Working smarter to resource rural nonprofits and communities

Insights from Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Thursday, July 25 | 2:00 PM EDT


Rural based nonprofits and communities have long experienced challenges in visibility, funding, and resources compared to urban locations.  The US Census has identified 60% of the US population lives rurally, yet the philanthropic support often shows up in fractured sporadic initiatives

Join us for a discussion from Arkansas with the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation for insights on how they have strategized for equity and inclusion across the statewide rural landscape. 

Join and learn:

  • Addressing persistent structural barriers in rural areas
  • Bridging gaps by intentionally resourcing civic engagement, self-advocacy and empowerment at the community level
  • Owning the rural narrative by lifting the vibrant stories of people and communities, including using data assets like the ALICE report
  • How resource tools like Catchafire have made a difference for rural communities

Guest speakers

Andrea Dobson, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Guenevere Crum, Director, Community Engagement, Catchafire


virtual event

Rewriting capacity building to unlock nonprofit potential

Magic Cabinet Foundation's strategic building blocks for grantees

Thursday, August 15 | 1:00 PM EDT


Community nonprofits play a critical role in addressing local needs and driving change.  Support for developing and strengthening the vital infrastructure that advances that role can be hard to come by. 

Philanthropy has often committed to funding individual programs at a nonprofit versus the actual nonprofit structure. Magic Cabinet has turned that aside, creating a strategic grantmaking program focused on capacity building. This discussion with the leaders at Magic Cabinet will share more on how they are opening unconventional paths for philanthropy to make a difference in communities.

Join and learn:

  • Prioritzing capacity building grantmaking that resonates in community
  • How Catchafire is leveraged alongside the existing grant program for impact
  • New pathways for success and philanthropy are possible - including rethinking fiscally-sponsored strategies

Guest speakers from the Magic Cabinet Foundation include:

Charlotte Basch, Program Officer

Zach Grossnickle, Sr. Manager, Brand and Communications

Alexis Aviles, Engagement Officer, Bay Area

Joaquin Uy, Engagement Officer, Puget Sound


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“I realize now that I would rather take Catchafire over a grant. The projects that I have gotten done have resulted in much more value in comparison to that grant.”

Payal Sawhney
Founding Executive Director
Saahas for Cause

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