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catchafire for volunteers

Turn your skills into something more

On Catchafire, your skills support nonprofits on the frontlines solving critical community issues. Build your resume and portfolio while directly supporting the causes you care about.
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We make volunteering easy

Choose from 24 different cause areas and 35 skill sets to find the right volunteer opportunity.

We're here to help you every step of the way! Download our onboarding checklist to get started.  Download now

How it works

Volunteer for a one hour consultation call or long-term project. With over 150 project types, customize your support based on your skills and availability.

Browse on Catchafire

Explore projects posted by nonprofits based on your skills and causes you care about.

Apply for a Catchafire project

Submit your application and resume to let the nonprofit know you are interested.

Match on Catchafire

When you and the organization decide it's a good fit, start working together!

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Volunteer Training Session Webinar

Jumpstart your journey

Learn how to use Catchafire to connect simply and quickly with highly-skilled nonprofits in need of your skills and expertise. (25 minutes)

Victoria Kukla

Get to know our
Volunteer of the month

Victoria has completed 12 projects and calls, totaling over $34,000 in impact! Read the blog post to learn her full story. She was also a featured speaker during our May volunteer webinar.

There's something for everyone

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One-hour calls

Want to help but don’t have much time? One hour consultation calls allow you to immediately support a nonprofit with a specific question or need.

Learn more

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Our projects (ranging from 5 to 50 hours) outline specific skill requirements, deliverables, and impact statements from the nonprofit so you know what you're signing up for and how your work will benefit others. Put your skills into practice by working on projects related to marketing, IT, and finance.

Learn more

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Nonprofit board service

Leverage your professional skills, build your portfolio, and advance your career for the long run. We'll connect you to nonprofits looking for new board members, allowing you to have a deeper community impact.

Just switch the board recruitment toggle on your settings to on, to indicate your interest.

Connections that make a difference


matches between volunteers and nonprofits


volunteer hours donated


nonprofit value created

“I can find people who care about the same causes that I care about. We’re miles apart, but we still care about the same things, and it’s easier to connect with them. It’s almost like you’re building this foundation for them, and then the nonprofits get to build whatever they want over it. If I can contribute even a little bit to that effort, ensuring that my support amplifies their work, I will spend an extra hour of my time to help them.”

Chetna B.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve never worked with a nonprofit before. Is that okay?

Yes! As long as you meet the prerequisites and/or other experience necessary for the project you're applying to, there's no need for specific expertise in the nonprofit sector.

I'm generously giving my time and talent at no cost. Why do I have to apply?

We've found that a short application process is the best way to ensure that both you and the nonprofit have a meaningful and high-quality engagement. Our goal is to make volunteering as seamless as possible. Giving a bit of information upfront (about why you're interested and how your expertise can help) is necessary to make strong matches where both sides benefit.

How many projects should I apply to at once?

We recommend you apply to 2-4 projects at any given time - this will maximize your chances of matching. If you end up being selected for too many projects (good for you!), you can always withdraw your application before or after you interview with the nonprofit. Once you say yes though, we ask that you honor your commitment to work with the organization.

The projects are too long and require too much of a time commitment. Are there shorter projects?

Yes! Projects range in length, and the time commitments stated on project pages are meant to be read as averages. You know yourself better than we do, and it's very possible you're able to complete projects faster than what is stated in the project description!

Tip: We also have 1-hour phone calls where you only commit to spending one hour on the phone with a nonprofit to discuss a particular question or challenge they have. These are open to all Volunteers and are a great starting point!

Can I use the completed project in my professional portfolio?

Of course! Many marketing and design Volunteers include completed projects in their creative portfolio or their resumes. Learn more about project deliverable ownership here.

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