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Create rewarding and impactful employee experiences that boost morale and retain top talent.
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The must haves in an employee volunteer program

Build an employee engagement program that helps employees volunteer their skills and give back to the causes that they care about. 

Inclusive design

A program should address the needs of a diverse workforce. Build employee engagement by offering flexibility–employees can customize their volunteering based on location, availability, and skill set.

Support professional development

Employee engagement requires an investment in professional development. Volunteer engagements provide opportunities for employees to hone their skills and gain practical experience outside of their everyday job.

Honor nonprofit needs

Projects are pre-scoped and guided to make the volunteer opportunity fulfilling and productive for everyone involved.

Tangible impact and outcomes

Know the impact of your employee volunteer program. Look for testimonials and feedback that provide insights on employee engagement and the impact for volunteers and employers.

customer stories

Instant employee engagement

“The call was like being on a sales advisory team call. We were able to use our skills as sales representatives to listen to their strategy and long-term plans and then provided feedback. With our team still being relatively new, I thought this was a great team building exercise. It gave us time to get to know each other and share ideas outside of our normal day-to-day activities.”

Reggie R.
Associate Director
Patient Assistance Program, BI Cares Foundation

Memorable company-wide volunteering events

Boehringer Ingelheim wanted a flexible employee engagement solution that engaged everyone during company-wide moments, yet also allowed employees to give back year-round. Catchafire's large-scale event solution helped Boehringer Ingelheim plan and execute three employee volunteer events in one day.

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volunteer hours donated by Boehringer Ingelheim employees


in nonprofit value created by Boehringer Ingelheim employees


nonprofits supported in one day by Boehringer Ingelheim employees

Catchafire products

Build the corporate giving program that works best for your company.

Virtual and skills-based volunteering
Team volunteering
Nonprofit board positions
In-person volunteering
Giving days and company-wide volunteer events

Employee engagements with immediate impact


nonprofit dollars saved


volunteer hours donated


total matches

“I’m very lucky to work with an incredible team of talented designers. They were chomping at the bit to dive in, and they really did! We were excited to have an opportunity to do something outside of the box.”

Headshot of Kim D, a volunteer and an employee of MassMutual
Kim D.
Employee and volunteer

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