Accounting Systems Set Up

Help Light of Loving Kindness set up an accounting software to support their budgeting and reporting needs.
Light of Loving Kindness
Chicago, IL, USA
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Light of Loving Kindness
Chicago, IL, USA


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Posted August 23rd

Accounting Systems Set Up

Project Details

What We Need
  • Setup of selected accounting software (e.g. Aplos, Araize)
  • Training and guidelines on how to manage system and generate basic reports
Additional Details

We use Quickbooks. I am the ED and have been the accountant as well. That probably explains my concern. I used the system intuitively, but I am sure that we need additional support and I have so many questions. I thought it better to start here at setup because I am not sure if it is set up correctly.

What We Have In Place
  • We use Quickbooks for accounting.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $5,409 , allowing us to hire a part-time accountant to help keep the books in pristine condition.

We are growing so quickly - faster than I can remotely keep up while being all things including an accountant. I am desperate to know that we are being fiscally responsible with the money of our donors and sponsors, and I don't know how to determine this or show it. Having a fully functioning accounting system will allow us to begin to develop reporting needed for grant funding, and will also help us to move towards creating a full strategic plan for Light of Loving Kindness.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Sharing
  • Volunteer Manager shares detailed description of existing financial record keeping and financial reporting system
  • Professional makes recommendations on accounting system reports to address the Organization's needs
  • Note: If necessary, Volunteer Manager may have Volunteer sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to sharing and discussing Organization’s financial information
Milestone 1: Implementation
  • Professional conducts financial data migration
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager check accuracy of migration
  • Professional sets up account admin privileges for Organization’s designated admin users
Milestone 2: Training & Handover
  • Professional provides basic training for Volunteer Manager and supporting staff for tracking and reporting needs including guidelines for continued use of system
  • Professional reviews above guidelines and tips with Volunteer Manager
  • Professional is available for up to two weeks to address questions as Volunteer Manager starts to adopt new bookkeeping system
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Light of Loving Kindness
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Cassandra P.

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Provide access to Holistic Integrative Solutions and Mindfulness-based Interventions. We accomplish this thru workshops, education & training, and resiliency services at free to low cost to communities that are low-income, and/or trauma-affected.

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