Cassandra P.

Executive Director & Founder
Chicago, IL, USA


Cassandra is a Linguist and Professor of English & Communications. In addition to being a student of life, she has earned five (5) academic degrees and two Master's level certifications. Cassandra is a Yoga teacher specializing in Trauma-sensitive Yoga, with additional certifications in Chair Yoga and Children's Yoga. She is a Yoga for Social Justice Leadership Facilitator who likewise, teaches Mindfulness and Meditation.
Cassandra is a strong advocate of promoting alternative, complementary, and integrative solutions and mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) to all who are interested in experiencing these non- invasive, non-pharmaceutical practices.
Her goal with Light of Loving Kindness (LOLK) is to provide access to these life- changing practices for those who could benefit from the most, but who have access to these and other health and wellness education the least. LOLK supports young people and their support systems through several programming written for young people, by young people.
In addition to stu teaching yoga, Cassandra is a holistic practitioner of varying energetic modalities.



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