Manidoo Ogitigaan

Bemidji, Minnesota, USA


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"The mission of Manidoo Ogitigaan is to work with our communities to preserve and revitalize the Spiritual knowledge, language, culture, and ceremonies of the Anishinaabeg to improve our health and the health of our ecological family."

What We Do

We strive for a healthy, vibrant community now and for generations to come. We envision a future where the Ojibwe language flourishes, and our world-view shapes our actions and influences the world around us in a positive way. We think seven generations ahead; our actions now will leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

We give our community members a platform to share Indigenous knowledge in a multi-generational setting. We work with local Native artists, language speakers, food sovereignty activists, grandmas, grandpas, and youth to build the health and well-being of our community. We work to preserve and revilalize our way of life for future generations.

We also work within our community to respond to the COVID-10 crisis through community planning, food distributions, supplying PPE, using traditional medicines, and assisting in any way we can.


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