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Kaitlyn G.

Bemidji, MN, USA


Manidoo Ogitigaan began with Ponemah Elder Larry Stillday (Chi-Ma'iingaaniban) and his We'eh, and adopted daughter, Nenookaasii (K.E. Grenier). It began as a dream and vision seven years ago. Manidoo Ogitigaan was incorporated in 2018 and given its name with the help of Co-Director, Zac Earley. We are inspired by Larry and Violet Stillday's Obaashing University (located on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in the community of Ponemah), and the good work of community members like Anna C. Gibbs (Waasabiikweyiban), who help others through traditional Ojibwe teachings and ceremonies. The organization came to fruition with help from our Co-Director, Zac Earley, and a group of community members who serve the people. We pursued 501C3 status to increase access to cultural and language resources for community members and to build our capacity to help others who serve the community through traditional teachings.