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Help Environmental Protection Network develop a light-weight and reusable performance review process that will help strengthen their team through honest and supportive feedback.
Environmental Protection Network
Washington, DC, USA
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Environmental Protection Network
Washington, DC, USA


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Posted December 1st

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Project Details

What We Need
  • A documented process outlining how to administer a top-down, peer-to-peer, or a full 360 employee review process
  • A communication plan to share the process with others in the Organization to help them understand the approach and desired outcomes
  • Recommendations on tools that can be used to collect feedback (anonymous or identified) and organize quantitative and qualitative results
  • Best practices for rolling out the performance reviews, and coaching advice for managers and individual contributors
Additional Details

I've never participated in a 360 and cam curious to learn more. In addition, although I do twice annual reviews with employees I would love to see how I could be doing them better,

What We Have In Place
  • I currently ask each employee to prepare to answer these questions during our review:
    1) Your informal self-assessment of your work
    2) Your general self-assessment of where you want to be in 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, and what you want to make sure you've accomplished (and by when) for your next job/ contract/s
    3) Your thoughts about your areas of improvement, my areas of improvement (how can I support you better), things you'd like to work on more or less, etc
    4) Discussion about next steps
How This Will Help
This project will save us $8,686 , allowing us to support and develop our small but mighty staff.

We have a small remote staff and this will help us support their challenges and develop their strengths to better serve the organization and their individual development

Project Plan

Prep: Planning
  • The Volunteer Manager provides a summary of the Organization’s current organizational structure and review process
  • The Volunteer Manager outlines the Organization’s goals for the review cycle, desired cadence and any specific needs
  • The Professional provides a high-level recommendation for approach based on the inputs from the Volunteer Manager
Milestone 1: Initial Process Design & Feedback
  • The Professional provides an initial process design outlining the questionnaire approach, general sequence of communications and meetings and suggested approach to collect the feedback (anonymously or identified)
  • The Volunteer Manager reviews the initial design and provides detailed feedback to the Professional
Milestone 2: Finalizing Process & Roll-Out Strategy
  • The Professional follows up with a revised process design based on the Volunteer Manager’s feedback
  • The Professional outlines a communication roll-out strategy to announce and administer the review process with timelines and anticipated Q&A
  • The Professional provides final recommendations on tools to administer the survey and organize the results / feedback
Milestone 3: Midpoint Check-In
  • The Volunteer Manager provides an update on the initial announcement of the review process and the progress thus far
  • The Professional provides feedback and advice to tune the process
Milestone 4: Review Cycle Post-Mortem
  • The Volunteer Manager provides a summary of the immediate outcome of the review process
  • The Professional offers final feedback, takeaways, and recommendations for future review cycles
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About The Org

Environmental Protection Network
Posted by
Michelle R.

Executive Director

Our Mission

The Environmental Protection Network harnesses the expertise of over 550 former EPA career staff and political appointees from across the country to serve as a trusted resource, answering calls for objective analysis, scientific rigor, and a vision for a transformed 21st century EPA.

What We Do

The Environmental Protection Network (EPN) was founded in January 2017 and now has over 550 EPA alumni across the country volunteering their time to protect the integrity of EPA, human health, and the environment. EPN harnesses the expertise of former EPA career staff and confirmation-level appointees from Democratic and Republican administrations to provide the unique perspective of former regulators with decades of historical knowledge and subject matter expertise.

EPN is currently focused on building the capacity of environmental agencies and the communities they serve to truly address the most urgent health and environmental crises.

- EPN will ensure that EPA not only addresses the damage done during the Trump administration, but also advances policies, budgets, and institutional changes to Reset the Course of EPA.

- EPN will provide capacity-building technical assistance and training to environmental justice communities; NGOs; and under-resourced state, local, and tribal government agencies.

- EPN will train and mentor EPA staff and managers, look for opportunities to recruit and retain underrepresented populations to work at EPA, and inform people about EPA's impacts.

- EPN will educate Congress and serve as a critical resource for facts, objective analysis, and scientific rigor for reporters and NGOs.

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