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Help Amazing Grace community Resource Center get organized for their website development project by identifying what types of information and images they need, and creating a plan to pull it all together.
Amazing Grace community Resource Center
Jonesboro, GA, USA
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Amazing Grace community Resource Center
Jonesboro, GA, USA


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Posted April 15th

Project Details

What We Need
  • A document outlining each page and section of the website, with descriptions of written and visual content for each
  • An assessment of the written content, specifically indicating where written content is final, draft (needs editing), or needs to be written from scratch
  • An assessment of the visual content, specifically indicating which visual assets are ready and which need to be created or sourced
  • Advice on how to collect content from other places (e.g., marketing materials, grant proposals, event photos, etc.) and edit it for the website
  • Note: This project is for content planning only. For additional support, see the Website Creation: Build a Brand New Site bundle
Additional Details

We currently used catch afire volunteer to start the rebuild of the site but the site content plan was not done satisfactorily to the suite organization goals. We need a re-org of the website with both graphic design, image sourcing and content planning for a complete and modern digital presence. we want the UI to be very user friendly and content to be very easily accessible to users.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have dedicated staff, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have existing content, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $1,636 , allowing us to serve more at risk youth with life changing positive Choice programs

digital presence with a well organized and user friendly UI will enhance our fundraising activities and provide resources to grow the organization

Project Plan

Prep: Introduction & Kick-Off
  • Volunteer Manager explains website goals and primary audience
  • Volunteer Manager shares examples of other websites they like and sends any existing content and visual assets to Volunteer
  • Volunteer asks questions to get a full understanding of website content needs
  • Volunteer creates rough outline of website pages and content sections that content will be needed for
  • Both parties review our pro-tips for Organizations and Volunteers to ensure the project is set up for success
Milestone 1: Review Draft Plan
  • Volunteer provides draft of the website content plan, including a description of the type of written and visual content needed for each page or section on the site
  • Volunteer makes suggestions as to which existing content from other materials (grant proposals, fliers, etc.) can be used for each section
  • Volunteer and Volunteer Manager discuss plan and identify the status of the written and visual content (i.e., which elements are final, which are in draft form and need editing, and which do not exist yet and need to be written or sourced)
  • Up to 2 rounds of feedback
Milestone 2: Review Final Plan
  • Volunteer and Volunteer Manager meet to review the content plan to make sure that all required content has been identified and the flow of information on the website will be clear and compelling
  • (Optional): The Volunteer may offer to proofread and/or edit the draft written content, and/or may offer to help the Volunteer Manager source images and other visual assets for the website.
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About The Org

Amazing Grace community Resource Center
Our Mission

Amazing Grace Evangelical International Ministries, Inc. (AGEIM Inc) seeks to uplift individuals and communities through authentic programs that incorporate the community in planning and implementing project, partnering with local civil society and government, and adopting innovative approaches to providing services to educate, empower, restore, enhance and transform lives.
We will go near and far to reach the unreachable and strengthen the body of Christ through evangelism

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