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Martha H.

Executive Director Asst.
Jonesboro, GA, USA


Evangelist Martha E. Harley was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. On immigrating to the United States, she first lived in New York and then settled in Georgia. Evangelist Martha is the CEO of Amazing Grace Evangelical International Ministries Inc. As the Host of the "Women Be Filled" program and many other uplifting programs, she is a highly sought after preacher and a conference speaker. She has a passion for evangelism.
Evangelist Martha is an author and a poet. She has written two books, namely "Amazingly Delayed but Not Denied" and "Choice: Life or Death". In the latter book, Evangelist Martha discusses 100 questions you must ask your potential partner before you say yes. Her literary works speak of her love for humanity and the legacy she desires to leave for posterity.
In line with her calling as an evangelist and a prophetess, Evangelist Martha founded Amazing Grace Evangelical International Ministries Inc in 2009. She is trice recipient of " Quality Awards in the State of Georgia and serves in various professional capacities, including past co-chair for (ways and means committee) of the American Business Women's Association, past Vice Chairperson of Fantiman Association of Georgia, past Board Member of Excel Education, the treasurer of Ghanaian Ministers Association, Board Member of Destiny Ministries Inc, PTA President of Point South Middle school, Local Schools Council Member, and a Member of the National Association of Professional Women. She is also the Liaison for Jesus First Sickle Cell Support Group in Ghana and Georgia.
As the community mother of misguided youth, the passion of Evangelist Martha is to leave a legacy for the younger generation in making wise decisions. Through the Choice Youth Empowerment program, Evangelist Martha is influencing the next generation in Clayton County and GA to become positive social change agents. Those who know Evangelist Martha have described her as a compassionate citizen, a youth advocate, a community builder and an ordain minister. The Clayton County police officers refer to her as their helper who makes their work easier. She holds several certifications, two associate degrees and two bachelor degrees.
Evangelist Martha, her husband, and her three children make their home in Jonesboro GA.
She ascribes whatever successes and accomplishments she has achieved to her maker, God Almighty. As a child growing up, Martha was diagnosed with sickle cell disease and was not given a dog's chance to live. She carried the stigma "SHE IS A SICKLER AND WILL DIE SOON". Though she experienced many years of pain and suffering, yet the amazing grace of God and His unfailing mercy have kept her till now. This, in part, explains why Evangelist Martha is so passionate about giving back to society what the Amazing Grace of God has freely given her. Her motto is loud and clear "Saved to Serve".