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Maternal Health

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This project will save us $3,750, allowing us to provide 25 women with kind, compassionate, competent care during their delivery.

What We Need

  • Grant Template outlining the Organization’s mission, strategic plan, activities and budget
  • Tips and suggestions on customizing Grant Template for specific grants

How This Will Help

In order to help the poorest women of society we offer quality maternity care for free. To enable us to do that we need to capture the hearts of donors with storytelling, whilst reassuring them we are a professional, transparent organisation, committed to vale for money and quality of care.

What We Have In Place

We currently have approved past proposals which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have a business plan, social media and a current web page and the ability to provide any other information you need.

Fun Fact

Dr. Andrew has operated on over 6000 women and pioneered new surgical techniques. Strangely enough he refuses to have a gynaecological procedure named after him....

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

  • Prep: Distribution of current materials
    • Organization provides Professional with overview of current mission, strategic plan, activities and budget
    • Organization sends Professional copies of past grant proposals (if available) and list of grant prospects
  • Milestone 1: Research
    • Professional connects with Organization for a brainstorming/overview session
    • Professional analyzes materials for use in Grant Template
    • Professional reviews any past grant proposals
    • Professional gathers information about the Organization’s grant prospects
  • Milestone 2: Draft
    • Professional drafts a Grant Template
    • Organization provides feedback to Professional's template
  • Milestone 3: Delivery of plan
    • Professional delivers a Grant Template outlining the Organization’s mission, strategic plan, activities and budget
Prerequisites for Professional
  • Experience in nonprofit fundraising or grant writing
  • Exceptional writing skills
Prerequisites for Organization
  • Development staff committed to the project
  • A mission draft, strategic plan, overview of your activities and budget that can be shared with the Professional and used in the template

Our Mission

Vision Statement Our vision is to make child birth safe for every woman. Our prayer is to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. Mission Statement We are a Christian based organisation who endeavour to provide fistula treatment and quality maternity care for all marginalized women throughout Africa, through clinical excellence and in the example of displaying love, kindness and compassion regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Core Values • Compassion • Integrity • Clinical Excellence • Honesty • Respect • Justice for the poor • Human Dignity

What We Do

We aim to save African mamas and babies by providing maternity care which is Kind, Safe and Excellent. Currently we are building a new maternity hospital in Arusha Tanzania, that will act as a training platform for Midwives. We believe African Midwives have the potential to be the best in the world dealing daily with obstetric emergencies that are unheard of in the west. We work alongside midwives building up confidence and competence, encouraging midwifery practice which is evidence based. We also provide fistula repair services for women who have had the traumatic experience of an obstructed labour, providing healing and hope for a better future.