Katie Sherman

Katie Sherman, Freelance Copywriter

Katie helped Room to Grow transform their press kit from a simple fundraising document to a persuasive, engaging communications tool. As a freelancer, Katie saw this as a chance to network with a potential client and open the door to future opportunities. She talks about how simple, quick, and easy it was to make a big impact working on her Catchafire Project.
Mitch Kapler

Mitch Kapler, Digital Media Strategist

Mitch was looking to combine his passion for social media with an organization doing good in an area he cared about. He's had a great experience developing a social media strategy for Cool Culture. Mitch speaks about how Catchafire made it so easy for him to connect to an organization and project that fulfilled all he was looking for in a pro bono service opportunity.
Brielle Maxwell

Brielle Maxwell, Graphic Design

Brielle is passionate about creating social change through design. Her design skills saved the day for Sparkseed, a nonprofit that invests in young social entrepreneurs, when she helped them with a last-minute project for an upcoming conference. Brielle describes her motivations for pro bono service and what it was like to provide pro bono support for an organization that was in dire need of her skills.
Justin Kazmark

Justin Kazmark, VP, The Morris + King Company

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I believe 100% in the Catchafire mission and team and I'm convinced it's poised to change the way people think about service in America.

Justin Kazmark, Founder & Principal at Threadwell & VP at The Morris + King Company

A. Lauren Abele

A. Lauren Abele, Strategic Initiatives Manager

Photograph © 2010 TalismanPHOTO
I can't stop talking about Catchafire and recommending "this cool skills-based pro bono matching program" to everyone I know! I was blown away by the Catchafire staff's thoughtful professionalism, hard work, and dedication. The Catchafire team has found a creative, strategic, and thoughtful way to help nonprofits maximize their impact and professionals maximize their experience. Working with Shari Aaron was a pleasure — I learned so much from her and feel I made a lasting impact. She is an amazing person and gracious mentor, and I feel very lucky that I was matched with her!
— A.Lauren Abele, Strategix Initiatives Manager, New York Women Social Entrepreneurs (NYWSE)
Andy Duddleston

Andy Duddleston, Champion Access

Andy founded Champion Access to help advance underemployed talent. We matched him with Mercy Ruiz, a Global Agile Working Associate at Unilever who has helped with his organization's public relations needs. Andy speaks about how Catchafire connected him with the perfect pro bono professional.
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Pick a perfect project. We'll deliver a customized list of projects tailored to you, so you can easily pick the perfect project. All our organizations have made a commitment to value your time and contribution, and you'll also be able to ask questions about a project before you accept it.
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Manage your time and project. You'll take the lead managing the project, and can keep track of your progress with your Catchafire Project Log.
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