Choose the project you need
Mallory needed polished communications materials for Arts to Grow. Our Media/Press Kit Project fit her needs perfectly.
Connect with a skilled professional
Sabrin from Out Against Abuse needed a marketing strategy. We matched her to an experienced marketing professional with a passion for fighting gender abuse.
Free up your time by engaging an expert
Zoe needed to build a board for the Women's Education Project but didn't have the time to do it on her own. Zoe's volunteer managed herself, crafting a recruitment strategy that resulted in 3 board members.
Save big money
Database engineer Vanessa Hurst used her skills to create a database for the Op-Ed Project mentor program, delivering over $10,000 in value.

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Looking for pro bono professionals to grow your organization?

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A Catchafire Service Officer will contact you to discuss your customized partnership package and direct you to the right projects in the correct sequence.



We find professionals with the skills you need, the time to give, and a passion for your cause.





Our professionals manage themselves and deliver the results you need.

Why become a Catchafire member?

Achieve big results and save. Our partnership is a mere fraction of the cost of professional services on the market.
Don't spend your time recruiting and vetting professionals. We only match you with highly skilled professionals who are passionate about your mission.
Save time managing resources. Our professionals know how to manage themselves, allowing you to focus your energy on changing the world.
Grow your professional network. Join the active Catchafire community of nonprofits, social enterprises and pro bono professionals.
Learn the tools for success. Our workshops and seminars on capacity building and pro bono management will gear your organization towards success.
Not exactly sure what projects to request? We will assess your organization’s needs and direct you toward the right projects in a strategic sequence.
Let an expert guide you. Our projects have been scoped by industry experts who know how to achieve big results with limited resources.

Here's How Our Matching Works:

Pro bono professionals register with Catchafire. They provide their qualifications, work experience, biography, and cause interests.
You request a project. We send your project to our professionals with the right skills and a cause interest that resonates with your mission.
The professional applies. He or she completes an application detailing his or her interest in and qualifications for your project.
You receive the qualified match. You review the application and accept, reject, or ask questions to learn more about your professional.
Get introduced to your professional. When you accept your match, we introduce you so you can get started right away.
Start a two-week trial period. We provide the organization and the professional with a two-week trial period to ensure the match is a great one.
Keep track of your project. Log the progress of your project on Catchafire so we know how the project’s going.
Rate and review your experience. At the end of your project, let us know what you thought of your experience so we can improve your future matches.

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