The Bangor Humane Society

Bangor, Maine, USA


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The Bangor Humane Society champions the humane treatment and adoption of companion animals. We provide quality care for homeless pets. We promote animal welfare through education and advocacy.

What We Do

Now admitting around 3,000 animals a year, we celebrate a live-release rate of nearly 99%, having found homes right here in our communities for tens of thousands of pets. We have seen a reduction in overcrowding thanks in part to spay/neuter efforts, however, more and more pets with extraordinary medical or behavioral demands are ending up at BHS. We remain dedicated to our commitment to use euthanasia ONLY as a last humane option.

Here at BHS, we continue to keep the health and well-being of the animals in our care at the forefront of our work. These days, we don't ask whether we can spend thousands on orthopedic or dental surgery if it means improved quality of life, we ask how we can focus our resources to accomplish it. We aren't just housing homeless pets, we are holding ourselves to the highest standards for every, single pet in our care.


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Volunteer Manager

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Kathryn R.

Director of Development