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Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization (SLRO) is dedicated to empowering New Mainers to build sustainable futures by providing holistic support, fostering community connections, providing resources, opportunity and preserving cultural heritage. We strive to raise the standard of living, promote self-sufficiency, and create a more equitable and resilient environment for the well-being of the New Mainers community.

What We Do

Initiated the "From Apartment to Lot to Greenhouse to Field to Farm" project, successfully transitioning through various stages of urban farming and agricultural development.
Established the Isuken Co-op, a food system-focused cooperative run from a food truck, which is collectively owned by seven immigrant mothers. Out of these worker-owners, five are non-English speakers and two are fluent in English, embodying a diverse workforce.
Developed and delivered a comprehensive youth training program, conducting eight different workshops for 35 individuals aged 13-25. A committed group of 20 youths from these workshops will be advancing their education in food systems through classes offered by the University of Southern Maine Lewiston-Auburn College in the summer of 2019.
Conducted childcare training for 75 mothers, providing ten workshops in collaboration with the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) and the Somali Bantu Community of Maine. This initiative helped to empower mothers with essential childcare skills and knowledge.
Created the "Mainers Integration Potluck," a program designed to foster relationships and bridge integration barriers between New Mainers and native Mainers. By arranging visits and cooking sessions in native Mainer homes, the initiative has been successful in building strong ties, facilitating community integration, and addressing misunderstandings and misconceptions.


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