Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization

Lewiston, Maine, USA


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The Mission of Sustainable Livelihoods Relief Organization is to develop the capacity of the people to become productive and useful members of society and integrate successfully into the labor market as employees in order to raise the standard of living, strengthen the people's resilience to adversity, and create a supportive environment for improved community well-being

What We Do

Engaging Youth Leadership: Training, Community Building, Development. Recruit 12 youth between the ages of 14-19 from schools - for volunteering opportunities and offer them workshops on building their leadership skills and be part of their own community. Expanding Child Care Opportunities: Build a collaborative daycare program. Start a co-op of 8 to 10 families. Continue to educate women on how to run co-ops, and facilitate their connections with the licensing department to set up their own programs. Developing Business Start-ups; and Supporting Local Entrepreneurs : Develop vibrant connections between farmers, chefs, and eaters. Isuken: Support them with marketing by finding new vendors to increase their capital, offer technical assistance, offer literacy around customer service and communications with customers. Explore if youth have ideas to explore here. Cleaning co-op from local women


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