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Save Iconic Architecture envisions a Los Angeles where notable architecture is protected, preserved, and celebrated.
SIA's mission is to preserve endangered significant architectural and cultural structures.
SIA's four pillars are Landmarking, Preservation, Advocacy & Awareness.

What We Do

Nominate important structures and usher them through the historical landmarking process where they would otherwise continue to be unprotected and at risk for extinction or significant alternation Develop innovative, longstanding, trusted partnerships with historians, conservancy groups, communities and cities to assist in landmarking and preservation
Provide skilled teams to preserve landmarks in need and/or in disrepair
Champion against demolition of important structures
Donate Materials towards the upkeep of iconic structures
Preserve the legacy and important contribution people of color and women have made to the history of architecture in LA
Increase public awareness, understanding, and support for the importance of Iconic Architecture
Educate communities and design students about preservation through house tours, preservation houses, and internships for students of architecture
Support city, county, and state policies and legislation for awareness and architectural landmark protection Advocate for greater DEI in Los Angeles architecture, design, and preservation communities


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Development Specialist
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