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We provide dedicated advice, assistance, and resources to break the cycle of generational poverty so women and their families can thrive long-term.

Saffron threads are a spice that comes from a flower that requires hard work and dedicated effort to cultivate--but under the right care, these plants can survive frosty winters and hot, dry summers. When it's harvested, saffron is worth more than its weight in gold.

Women and mothers have a lot in common with the saffron flower. When well-rooted and nurtured with the help they need, they're able to blossom and produce something beautiful and extremely valuable--strong communities, composed of healthy, thriving families.

What We Do

Nurturing trust to help women thrive. We build strong communities by working to end generational poverty--one woman at a time.

In order to break the cycle of generational poverty, outside intervention is required to disrupt the systems reinforcing inequality. The current relief system, for example, primarily focuses on short-term assistance through government programs, religious organizations, and other charities that offer food, shelter, and/or care.

The issue with this type of assistance is that its short term--a week's worth of groceries or a month's rent won't break the cycle. Plus, visiting the various organizations and completing applications to get that assistance can be a full-time job in itself, leaving little time to focus on education, mental health, and personal improvement.

In order to break the cycle of generational poverty, we can't just treat the symptoms of systemic inequality. We have to permanently disrupt the system and create clear paths for victims of poverty to escape the system.

Developing a stable, sustainable solution to ending poverty starts by shifting the way help is received. When women in poverty come to us, we conduct a simple consultation to determine the type of help they need. We then work directly with dozens of organizations offering help, serving as a central point of contact and advocate for the woman in need. We're partnered with nonprofits, community organizations, and businesses that help women get all the assistance they need.

We build trust-based partnerships that last for life. Our goal is to help women thrive long-term by connecting them not only with food, shelter, and healthcare, but also with resources for education, employment, and mental and emotional health. We conduct ongoing check-ins to support women as they build themselves up, helping them improve their own future and develop a strong foundation for their children.


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