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Resonate empowers women and girls through storytelling, working with them to build agency, confidence, and leadership.

What We Do

Based in Rwanda, Resonate partners with organizations focused on women’s skill building and increases their capacity by incorporating narrative-based leadership training into existing programming. Harnessing the power of storytelling will allow women and girls to leverage their knowledge and skills to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Gap:

Women need access to education and financial programs—the benefits provided by those services are necessary for the betterment of women’s lives and continued economic growth. Yet despite recent gains, women only make up 19 percent of parliament globally; own less than 2 percent of land in the developing world; and in Sub-Saharan Africa, women hold only one-third of paid jobs outside of agriculture.

In order to see accelerated progress toward closing gender equality gaps, programs that provide women with skills and services must also focus on confidence, agency, and leadership.

How We Help:

Resonate partners with organizations focused on women’s skill building and enhances programs by offering narrative-based leadership training. Resonate plays the unique role of working with these organizations to offer expert training on public speaking and personal presentation. Each workshop is customized to the needs of the community that each program serves.

Resonate facilitates women's leadership training using a framework rooted in storytelling, empowering women and girls to tell their story generates agency, confidence, and leadership.


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