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Resilient Neighborhoods (RN) empowers people to reduce their household carbon footprint and make their families and communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters. Our five- meeting, free program is online now too.

What We Do

the impacts of climate change threaten the San Francisco Bay Area's treasured open spaces and wildlife, as well as our homes, health, economic security, and our very survival.
We must significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) now to avert this disaster. Resilient Neighborhoods (RN) provides a pathway to reducing GHG produced by consumers who can change their behavior quickly, without waiting for policy change or shifts in political will.

To date, we have engaged more than 1500 people and reduced almost 9 million pounds of GHG pollution thanks to our unique engagement program. Importantly, we have found that as people take action, they fight "climate paralysis" and regain hope.

Based in Marin County, CA, where residents carbon footprints are among the highest in the country, RN engages teams of households in the high-impact, comprehensive Climate Action Team program. We use a "high-touch" approach to help participants immediately reduce their carbon emissions, become climate activists, and create more connected communities that are prepared for disasters.

Climate Action Teams meet five times over a two-month period. Vibrant, informed staff and trained volunteer coaches lead the in-person meetings focused on consumption, food, waste, water, transportation, home energy, and emergency preparedness.

Teams are made up of people of all backgrounds including people from wealthy communities and recipients of government assistance programs. Approximately 30% of participants are over the age of 60, the demographic most gravely impacted by Northern California's climate-related wildfires.

Graduates reduce an average 33% of their household GHG emissions - twice the 15% reduction targeted by California. They also encourage action by their friends, landlords, employers and affinity groups. Inspired by the Program, 75% of graduates continue taking actions to reach a carbon neutral household.

We track the actions taken by individuals and groups and show cities how RN helps them reach their goals for increased sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.


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