Partnership for Food Safety Education

Arlington, Virginia, USA


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The mission of the Partnership for Food Safety Education is to end illness and death from foodborne infection in the United States.

The Partnership brings together public and private sector organizations to focus on prevention of food poisoning in the United States.

What We Do

The Partnership is a catalytic leader in health education and a trusted partner to tens of thousands of health educators nationwide.

The organization stands at a critical point --- where organizational capacity needs to be aligned with a well-developed, ambitious strategic plan built in 2011 with input from stakeholders. We are determined to strengthen capacity to move from good to great!

The Partnership delivers trusted, science-based behavioral health messaging and a network of resources that support consumers in their efforts to reduce risk of foodborne infection.

The Partnership's Strategic Plan includes three focus areas: 1) Convenes and Supports: The Partnership convenes practitioner communities inside and outside government to work together to improve outcomes in food safety education; 2) Amplifies: The Partnership reaches thousands of educators nationwide, and helps them tell the story of the impact their work has on protecting the health of consumers in their communities; 3) Leads Evaluation: the Partnership leads efforts to evaluate the impact of consumer food safety education , and anticipates needed changes in program approaches that will better align programs with intended outcomes.

The Partnership was created in 1997 through a government-industry-consumer group memorandum of understanding.

The Partnership is the creator and steward of the first-ever national consumer education campaign in food safety -- Fight BAC!® -- and its four core science-based messages of Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill.


Shelley F
Shelley F.

Exec. Director