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To inspire and support refugees and society in embracing change, life and hope through healing-centered engagement in expressive arts, community outreach and collaboration.

What We Do

Utilizing a dedicated volunteer force and leveraging the talents of visiting partners, we provide group sessions focused on expressing one's self through the arts. Our practice prioritizes the creative Process rather than the final Product while still meeting the targets and goals of the organization!

We have also been very fortunate to have amazing partners in our community that have allowed us to take part in larger events, special opportunities, and have provided talent and materials for us to expand our experiences!

Because you can't be part of the group if you can't get there, we also arrange transportation for participants in order to provide greater access to our programs.


Abigail H
Abigail H.

Managing Director

Andi H
Andi H.

Program Director

Andy K
Andy K.

Program Coordinator

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