NYLaughs, Inc.

place New York, New York, USA
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NYLaughs, Inc. seeks to inspire New Yorkers through humor. Our mission is: 1) to elevate the comic arts; 2) bring new audiences to comedy and 3) to provide laughter free to New Yorkers on a consistent basis by producing comedy shows throughout the City's public venues - from its parks and piers to its streets and subways. We want to build community through humor. We want to let laughter change the world.

What We Do

NYLaugh's signature event is called "Laughter in the Park" which will have its fifth season in 2011. "Laughter in the Park" is comprised of 9 weeks of standup comedy shows in various parks throughout Manhattan. We advocate for the increase in comedy programming in New York City Parks and the positive use of greenspaces.

NYLaughs makes a conscious effort to book shows that reflect the diversity of New York City. Our shows are always multi-ethnic and feature comics representing various socio-economic groups and both genders.

Families, students, tourists, business people, yuppies and artists have enjoyed our shows right alongside the homeless and drifters. We estimate having entertained over 10,000 New Yorkers in our 4 year run. It has truly been a pleasure to learn that laughter brings people together and breaks down barriers.

We were recently covered in an article by the NY Times. Our shows were listed in the NY Times (6x) and we were featured in a NY1 piece twice. Last year we were a NY Post "Weekend Hot Pick," a Time Out NY / WNBC "Weekend Entertainment Best Bet," as well as, featured in a Daily News article, and on Channel 11 morning news.


Suzette S
Suzette S.
Founder, NYLaughs
Suzette B
Suzette B.
Founder and Artistic Director
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