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Kramden Institute's mission is to provide technology tools and training to bridge the digital divide. Our programs concentrate on serving low-income students and adults, most of whom do not own a computer and, in many cases, have never learned how to use one. Since 2003, Kramden has refurbished and awarded more than 40,000 computers to disadvantaged students and families across North Carolina, with over 4,400 awarded in 2019.

What We Do

Kramden takes a comprehensive approach to tackle the digital divide in recognition that addressing just one portion of the problem is not enough. Low-income communities need devices, computer training, and access to the internet to move across the digital divide and thrive in the 21st-century classroom and economy. Our approach starts with access to computers. Kramden awards computers to low-income students and adults as well as local community organizations through our hardware programs. To address training, we offer digital literacy classes as well as advanced technical workshops. For internet access, we work with low-income community members to get connected to low-cost internet options where they live.

Our organization is a part of GSK Impact Awards US.


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