Complex Trauma Project (dba: "Aunties Dog Care")

place Chicago, Illinois, USA


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Complex Trauma Project is completely re-engineering how complex trauma survivors are supported in American society.

What We Do

Complex Trauma Project will accomplish this mission in 2 primary ways:

1) Provide typical cause-specific nonprofit services - awareness, outreach, education, direct services to survivors, etc.

2) Operate an incubator designed to put into practice the new collective impact model our founder invented. The incubator ideates and develops new survivor-support organizations - each designed to unconventionally support individual survivors while also integrating with other incubator graduates to create a collective impact network with the power to solve population-level problems, including systemic bias and rights violations throughout our society's clinical, legal, employment, and housing systems.

Aunties Dog Care is the first incubator graduate and will remain an Illinois-registered "Doing Business As" division of Complex Trauma Project until its planned 2024 spin-off into a separate 501c3 nonprofit.


Joey V
Joey V.

Founder, CEO

KaSondra E.

Volunteer Manager

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