AVANCE-North Texas

Dallas, Texas, USA


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To break the cycle of inter-generational poverty through innovative, two-generation education and support for families with young children.

What We Do

Founded in 1996, AVANCE-North Texas has strengthened over 35,000 North Texas families in at-risk communities through our evidence-based, parent education and support programs. Our targeted program services reflect the cultural, racial/ethnic, and linguistic background of our families and provide specific strategies based on families' and children's unique needs, ensuring that racial equity is embedded in our systemic approach. Meaning "advance" or "progress," AVANCE serves as a trusted guide to assist under-resourced families of young children in overcoming isolation and lack of opportunity.

Using our unique two generation education and relationship-building methodology, we help family members become the best parents, employees, and citizens they can be. We aim to liberate parents and their children from the cycle of poverty in a family-oriented, non-judgmental environment. The result: Our families enjoy a more prosperous future full of opportunity and economic self-sufficiency.


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