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ADAM Center educates and provides physical therapy services to the medically under-served performing arts populations. We develop and implement evidence-based prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services aimed to restore, refine, or optimize movement in this population. Additionally, ADAM Center investigates motor learning and motor control across the lifespan and studies the effects of deficit and injury on motor behavior.

What We Do

The ADAM Center has two arms: 1) a biomechanics laboratory where we study movement , health and dysfunction and 2) a physical therapy company (Divine Physical Therapy) that offers in-house injury prevention and case management services to performing arts organizations. We are dedicated to discovering new techniques to optimize health and well-being, prevent injury, and to develop more effective rehabilitation protocols for people with injury or neurologic insult. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and newer forms of brain imaging, the ADAM Center is investigating what parts of the brain are used during movement and how this changes with practice. Using video games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Beatles Rock Band as training paradigms will also allow us to gain insight into brain –computer interfaces.

Divine Physical Therapy, is focused on helping dancers prolong their careers. The financial and artistic cost of injured dancers is a significant expense incurred by all dancers and dance companies. At least 50% of dancers in the larger ballet companies and 40% of dancers in smaller companies will have injuries that prevent them from dancing in scheduled performances throughout the season. Although many dancers perform while injured, their injuries often curtail their careers. Enhancing dance performance and reducing the cost of dance related injuries requires a dedicated group working over the course of several years. We have successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive injury prevention and management program at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater resulted in a 66% decreased in workers compensation injury incidence, 65% decrease in time lost to injury and a savings of over $850,000 in injury related costs in a 6 year period. The results of our work have been disseminated through conference presentations and publications in peer reviewed journals.

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