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Help Disability Lead by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their marketing strategy.
Disability Lead
Chicago, IL, USA
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Disability Lead
Chicago, IL, USA


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Posted June 9th

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Marketing Strategy Call

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I would like to talk about our comprehensive marketing plan and what I should consider that I have not thought of doing. We have many competing needs across the organization & limited resources.

"Phone Calls" are 1 hour, one-time calls with an organization. Learn the difference between volunteering on a Phone Call and a Project here.

About The Org

Disability Lead
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Dion M.

Communications and Engagement Coordinator

Our Mission

OUR VISION: People with disabilities leading with power and influence for full participation and equal opportunity as a vital part of the civic fabric in the Chicago region.

OUR MISSION: To increase civic engagement and diverse leadership in the Chicago region by developing and building a network of leaders with disabilities -- consistent with the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

What We Do

ADA 25 Advancing Leadership is creating a Chicago region where people with disabilities:

LEAD--Our Civic Connections Project increases the number of people with disabilities in professional and civic leadership positions.

CONNECT--Our Members Network provides mentoring, support, and ongoing civic engagement opportunities for leaders with disabilities.

GROW--Our Leadership Institute is a year-long leadership development program for emerging leaders with disabilities.

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