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Community Health Support
Sydney, Australia
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Community Health Support
Sydney, Australia


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Posted January 13th

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Project topic

I have created a website using Wix and need advice about whether this will be the right platform for our future needs.

Additional Context

I would like to be able to understand how far along I am as far as a website goes and what next steps and input should be utilised.

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About The Org

Community Health Support
Posted by
Jesse L.

Executive Director

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the everyday health and safety of our community. We are working with community organisations, our partners and volunteers to enhance communal safety by providing the tools, education and assistance required to support the first aid needs of the wider community.

What We Do

1) Provide consulting services to organisations and institutions about their first aid equipment and setup
2) Facilitate first aid awareness sessions to improve people's confidence to act in a first aid incident
3) Allocate first aid responders on standby at community events and functions
4) Connect the community to a network of first responders available to assist during a first aid incident

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