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Metropolitan Council on Housing
New York, NY, USA
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Metropolitan Council on Housing
New York, NY, USA


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Posted January 25th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • Design mockups (commonly done in Photoshop) of the most important pages of the website. Each page design should have its page elements separated into layers. A common webpage layout framework like Blueprint or other grid should be included to show precise width and element positioning. Key visual transition points of any interactive elements (e.g., menu dropdowns, menu item hovers) should be mocked as well.
  • A website style guide documenting the color palette values and fonts used globally and in specific areas (e.g., homepage, article page, navigation page), and interaction elements (e.g., menus, buttons, icons) of the site. The visual aspects of website features (e.g., teasers, pagination, subcategory navigation) should also be documented by including other specifics like widths, word counts, wrapping logic, etc.
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    This project will save us $12,000 , allowing us to

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    About The Org

    Metropolitan Council on Housing
    Posted by
    Mario M.

    Volunteer Manager

    Our Mission

    The Metropolitan Council on Housing is dedicated to the belief that everyone deserves a decent, stable, affordable home. We educate, organize, empower, and engage tenants across New York City to be the drive behind developing permanent solutions to our city’s chronic affordable housing crisis.

    What We Do

    The Metropolitan Council on Housing is a membership organization of New York City tenants working to create more humane housing policies. We are the city's oldest tenants union, and have been at the forefront of the most important struggles to preserve and expand New York’s affordable housing over the past half-century. We assist individual tenants and tenant associations in their efforts to prevent displacement and in securing decent conditions, and we organize tenants citywide to participate in campaigns to enhance tenants' rights and expand and improve our affordable housing programs.


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