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Help Tumaini Letu showcase their work by designing their impact report with compelling visuals.
Tumaini Letu
Dowa, Malawi
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Tumaini Letu
Dowa, Malawi


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Posted July 30th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • A professionally designed report, up to 10 pages, in high-resolution format (jpeg, pdf, etc.)
  • Accurate, print-ready specifications
What We Have In Place
  • We currently have A 10 pages word document of our 2020 Annual Report, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have Photos, a high resolution logo and brand guidelines, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $4,817 , allowing us to To provide capacity building for the young at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in creative skills.

This project is very important as it will support our connections and fundraising efforts by providing us with a professionally designed annual report to share with partners and potential funders.

Project Plan

Prep: Distribution of Prep Materials
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with high-resolution logo and visual branding guidelines, finalized copy, and any additional content to be included in annual impact report
  • Volunteer Manager shares examples of previous annual reports with Professional (if any)
Milestone 1: Brainstorming
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional connect to discuss the story the Organization wants to tell and brainstorm how key data can be highlighted and visualized
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional agree upon a timeline
Milestone 2: Preliminary Impact Report Design & Feedback
  • Professional creates a preliminary design and shares with Volunteer Manager
  • Volunteer Manager reviews and provides feedback
  • Repeat feedback process (if necessary)
Milestone 3: Final Impact Report
  • Professional delivers final version of annual impact report in PDF format, with print-ready specifications
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About The Org

Tumaini Letu
Our Mission

We exist to:

* to promote peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding and intercultural harmony between refugees and the host communities using artistic expression;
* to provide opportunities for skills development through trainings and workshops;
* to boost the economy of refugees in Malawi through providing entrepreneurship skills and income generating opportunities;
* to promote the psychosocial well being of displaced populations by providing them with opportunities for creative expression, entertainment, counseling and community events;
* to advocate for refugees rights using events, media and public influencers to champion the refugee cause.

What We Do

The flagship program of Tumaini Letu, is the annual Tumaini Cultural Exchange Festival, which has been taking place since 2014. Since its inception, over 99,000 people have attended the event, and 304 performing acts from across the world have shared the stages with refugee artists and it has united 18 nationalities of performers. Tumaini has so far achieved a media reach estimated at 50,000,000 people worldwide, presenting a genuinely different and positive story about refugees.
In addition to the annual festival, Tumaini Letu has been running on going programs in Dzaleka Refugee Camp such as:

1. The Dzaleka Storytelling Project
The main objective of this project is to contribute towards intercultural learning, through safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage of refugees and asylum seekers in Dzaleka as well as the host communities living in the surroundings of Dzaleka Refugee Camp by documenting and telling of traditional stories (folktales) from their countries. This project is run through Tumaini Letu in partnership with the Malawi National Commission of UNESCO. 2000 refugee and Malawian children are going to benefit from storytelling sessions in 2020.

2. The Creative Education Program
The Creative Education Program consists of visual arts, creative writing, filmmaking, photography, music and acting trainings at Dzaleka. These trainings are run throughout the year to empower refugee youth through arts, to equip them with the right skills that would make them competitive in the creative market in Malawi or upon return to their countries of origin. This initiative also empowers young refugee voices and fosters their pride and self-esteem. This program has been running since 2017.

3. The Tumaini Youth Talent Shows
The talent shows at Dzaleka Refugee Camp have helped discover new talent in the young refugee community since 2017. After being discovered, the young talents are promoted on the Tumaini Festival stages, in radio and TV interviews, and other performance opportunities across Malawi. In total, 150 groups of refugee artists have benefited from this program over the three past years.

4. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training
The entrepreneurship and innovation training focuses on training inhabitants of Dzaleka Refugee Camp, especially youth and women, in business and entrepreneurship skills, and creates a market to enable them to find opportunities to sell their products and services, during the annual Tumaini Festival and outside Dzaleka throughout the year. This encourages entrepreneurship as a tool for the refugee community to become self-reliant and self-sustaining.


Christina did put so much creativity, attention, and love into our project. She produced a beautifully designed Impact Report that we feel confident to share with partners and potential funders. We will hesitate to work with Christina again if we are given the chance!
Tresor Nzengu Mpauni
Tresor Nzengu M.

Founder & Exective Director

Impact Report Graphic Design Project

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