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Help Mercy Retirement Care Center by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their technical system needs.
Mercy Retirement Care Center
Oakland, CA, USA
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Mercy Retirement Care Center
Oakland, CA, USA


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Posted April 14th

Tech Systems Call

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I'd like strategic advice on Client Management Data System possibilities. We have a current system we are not happy with and need to know if we should build our own. We are not sure where to start.

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About The Org

Mercy Retirement Care Center
Posted by
Krista L.

Director, Mercy Brown Bag Program

Our Mission

Mercy Brown Bag Program strives to nourish and engage low-income older adults by providing access to free nutritious groceries, as well as community and volunteer opportunities throughout Alameda County.

What We Do

Through a web of mobile grocery distributions, to 60 different senior service providers in our County, we provide older adults with the nutrients they need to thrive, age in place, and retain their health. With our model of "Seniors Helping Seniors" our 550 volunteer opportunities build joy & community.

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