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Lotus Bloom
Oakland, CA, USA
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Lotus Bloom
Oakland, CA, USA


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Posted January 5th

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Project topic

I'd like some help with Contracts with Independent Contractors.
How to write parameters for Reimbursable Expenses within their contract, we already show a limit for their Labor.

Additional Context

Also want to know which contractors should have their own liability insurance? We have not required certs of ins from anyone except constuction-type. But we have strategic planners, bookkeeper, HR...

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About The Org

Lotus Bloom
Our Mission

Lotus Bloom's mission is to provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive space to traditionally underserved populations to come together as a community to provide children with a rich learning foundation.

What We Do

Lotus Bloom is a family resource center where children aged 0-5 and their parents/caregivers learn, play, gain confidence and find connections to other parents, health resources, and education resources. Many of our staff are former caregivers who participated in Lotus Bloom playgroups previously. Our diverse and dedicated staff members are thus able to connect with families using both their educational knowledge, on the job learnings, and their lived experiences.

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