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Help He is Me Institute, Inc. by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their organizational strategy.
He is Me Institute, Inc.
Hyde Park, MA, USA
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He is Me Institute, Inc.
Hyde Park, MA, USA


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Posted November 23rd

Organizational Strategy Call

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I'd like feedback on can volunteers draft a 24 page operating agreement ?

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About The Org

He is Me Institute, Inc.
Our Mission

He is Me Institute is an education equity nonprofit organization that empowers Black men to obtain and retain careers in education.

What We Do

We work to stop the trend of Black household wealth falling to $0 by 2053-- and we do it through education.

We create and fill the pipeline for Black men to become teachers with profound social-emotional awareness. Research shows that Black male teachers already have a positive impact on student achievement, and an even bigger impact on Black boys, including increased wealth in adulthood.

Our programs give opportunities for Black male college students to mentor boys of color, engage in social-emotional learning, and develop perspectives on education equity. The goal is that they matriculate into our partner teacher residency programs to jumpstart their long-term careers in teaching.

Our vision is that our nation's schools have more Black male educators, so that they can expand the impact that many Black male teachers have, thus reversing the trend of Black household wealth.

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