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Help Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc. by talking with someone from their team for 1-hour about effective strategies, tools or best practices for fundraising for their organization.
Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc.
Waterbury, CT, USA
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Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc.
Waterbury, CT, USA


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Posted October 20th

Fundraising Call

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I'd like strategic advice on how to go about the prospect research process and target organizations that will support our work.

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About The Org

Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc.
Posted by
Pamela T.

Dr. Pamela Tolbert-Bynum Rivers

Our Mission

The mission of Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc. is to address equity issues of access and success in higher education by offering culturally-affirming, faith-based, academically rigorous programs and initiatives for mature low-income students, and students of color, specifically those who have placed into developmental English as a pre- or co-requisite to college-level coursework. We explicitly seek to serve African-Americans and other groups traditionally underserved in higher education, by focusing on the unique synergy and strength of one's heritage, overt and unwritten societal and cultural norms, and the importance of the village.