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Help Laboratoria by talking with someone from their team for 1-hour about effective strategies, tools or best practices for fundraising for their organization.
Lima, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Bogota, Peru

Posted July 1st

Fundraising Call

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I'd like some help with categorizing our donors in order to complete our Public Support Test tracking worksheet.

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Karen K.

Partnerships Manager

Our Mission

We prepare the women and organizations that will shape a more diverse, inclusive and competitive digital economy in Latam.

What We Do

Our vision is for Latin America is to have a diverse, inclusive and competitive digital economy that creates opportunities for all people. Our 6-month bootcamp is geared towards women who have not been able to start or grow within a professional career. Through our Agile Classroom project-based learning method, we prepare our students to work in tech as Web Developers and UX Designers. We then connect our graduates with companies looking for this type of talent. Only those graduates who secure jobs in tech pay for the program retroactively. Through our Corporate Training courses, we provide training and acceleration programs, helping organization leaders implement a culture of continuous learning and improvement. We accompany team members as they develop new skills that help them experiment, innovate and take ownership of projects that lead to real solutions and transformation.

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