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Samantha W.

Fundraising Call

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Clean River Project
Gilman, Germany

Posted June 19th

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What We'd Like To Talk About
Project topic

We'd like some strategic advice on how to further proceed with our fundraising plan. We are interested in some feedback on our plan thus far and how to create a fundraising campaign on social media.

Additional Context

Our non profit organisation is located in Germany and we are therefore looking for someone who is familiar with fundraising campaigns in Germany.

About our campaign:
We want to convey the work that goes into collecting plastics from our rivers, in order to initiate people to donate.
The campaign is intended to be launched on facebook and instagram, the social media channels our project is most active on. Our creative approach to this campaign will include both short videos and photos.
We now need your advice to support us in carrying forward the development of our campaign.

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About The Org

Clean River Project
Posted by
Stephan H.

Volunteer Manager

Our Mission

The Clean River Project is a registered non-profit organisation with a focus on environmental work, art and youth education.
We are campaigning for plastic free rivers and oceans by actively cleaning our waters and carrying out educational work to prevent a further plastic influx into the nature.


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