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Help Chattanooga Sports Ministries by speaking with a member of their organization on the phone for 1 hour about their talent recruitment needs.
Chattanooga Sports Ministries
Chattanooga, TN, USA
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Chattanooga Sports Ministries
Chattanooga, TN, USA


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Posted April 17th

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Talent Recruitment Call

Call details

What we'd like to talk about

I'd like to learn more about how to most effectively recruit college-aged soccer coaches/mentors during the restrictions in place due to COVID-19.

"Phone calls" are 1 hour, one-time calls with an organization. Learn the difference between volunteering on a Phone call and a Project here.

About the org

Chattanooga Sports Ministries
Our mission

Our mission is to impact urban youth in Chattanooga at the intersection of faith and athletic engagement. Our vision is to be a part of creating a healthier and better connected Chattanooga!

What we do

Currently, we offer soccer programming in spring, summer and fall seasons for our five main neighborhoods: East Chatt., Wheeler Homes, Westside, and East Lake. During each season we teach the game of soccer, along with practical life skills to take off the field. Centered in everything we do, both organizationally and programmatically, is the belief that intentional relationships with real people are at the heart of healthy growth and change.


Michael was great! He was quick to offer helpful solutions to the questions and problems I had while being engaged and interested in our work.
Nate P.
Nate P.

Coach and Program Coordinator

Talent Recruitment Phone call

I enjoyed my conversation with Nate! His organization does interesting and meaningful work. He came to the call prepared with information and questions that allowed us to maximize the value of our time together.
Michael W.
Michael W.


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