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Matched with Elayne S
Matched with
Elayne S.

Management Skills Coaching

Help Zaccho Dance Theatre develop and refine their people management skills.
Zaccho Dance Theatre
San Francisco, CA, USA

Posted July 18th

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Project Details

What We Need
  • Initial assessment of areas of strength, targets for improvement and specific areas of focus desired for the coaching sessions
  • Up to 3 coaching sessions exploring areas such as motivation, empowerment, collaboration, communication, giving / receiving feedback & conflict management
  • Wrap-up session with actionable steps and advice moving forward as a manager
Additional Details

While I've been in a leadership position for several years with different organizations, I'm new to staff management. Zaccho also works with a broad range of artists, crew, dancers, admin, youth, etc. There are many complex relationships and communication styles to manage, as well as complex equity issues.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have motivation!, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have motivation!, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $8,468 , allowing us to provide critical professional development services to our management staff while freeing up resources for programming and overhead.

As the new Managing Director at Zaccho, I want to do this right! Its important to me personally to be a valuable member of this team and new strong leader. Zaccho is in a growth phase, so strong and effective leadership will be essential.

Project Plan

Prep: Initial Assessment
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss perceived areas of strength, areas of improvement, and asses direct report or team motivation and morale
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager decide on specific areas to focus on and goals for each coaching session
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss if feedback from direct reports, peers or managers should be part of the process
Milestone 1: Coaching Sessions
  • In-depth coaching sessions on topics like motivation, empowerment, collaboration, communication, giving / receiving feedback & conflict management
  • Ensure each session is followed by a trial period to apply the skills and report back at subsequent sessions on the outcomes, learnings and follow-up questions
  • [Suggested Session] Motivating and empowering direct reports to achieve the most productivity, creativity and job satisfaction
  • [Suggested Session] Effective communication and strategies how to give and receive feedback to ensure a constructive relationship between managers and direct reports
  • [Suggested Session] Strategies to ensure successful collaboration between managers and direct reports like establishing areas of ownership and effective delegation
  • [Suggested Session] Conflict management tactics for dealing with interpersonal conflict within teams or across teams
Milestone 2: Wrap-up and Learnings
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional evaluate lessons learned and progress made throughout coaching sessions
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss action steps and areas of focus going forward
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About The Org

Posted by
Lisa B.

Managing Director

Our Mission

Zaccho Dance Theatre creates and presents performance work that investigates dance as it relates to place.

What We Do

Since our founding in 1980, Zaccho has been an innovative force in both the world of dance and our home community of Bayview Hunter's Point, San Francisco's African American Arts & Cultural District. Artistic Director Joanna Haigood and collaborators pursue unique and challenging visions of dance, including spectacular aerial choreography, evocative site-specific performances, and culturally significant subject matter. Zaccho opens the door to creative expression for a diverse group of artists, and elevates it to works of international acclaim.

Zaccho draws inspiration from social histories including the African-American experience, and returns it to the community through inclusive youth programs, adult classes, artist-in-residence programs, and a one-of-a-kind aerial arts festival, many at low or no-cost to participants. As a longstanding nonprofit program, we pride ourselves on maintaining our artistic integrity, social consciousness, and community involvement.


Elayne was great to work with! We worked together over several months with phone call coaching sessions. Her demeanor was friendly yet professional. She helped me to assess both "crisis" situations as they came up and long-term strategies for our bigger picture issues. She presented thoughtful solutions that could be applied to a range of issues and helped me to assess strategies for long-term staff development and personal professional growth.
Lisa Burger
Lisa B.

Managing Director

Management Skills Coaching Project

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