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Melanie Marie B.

Director of Development and Viability

Posted Date
May 22, 2019
Virtual volunteer opportunity
Impact statement
This project will save us $6,073 , allowing us to Put our best foot forward on our website while still being able to focus on what we need the most, capacity building so that we may get a paid staff to further our mission.

Project Details

What We Need
  • Tightly-written web copy of up to to eight pages of 200-300 words each
  • The opportunity to work closely with an experienced, SEO literate copywriter
Additional Details

We need to refresh our website we need to refresh our website copyright to attract new members and donors. We would like our website to represent the steps that we are taking forward in a beautiful and accurate way.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have A website with all relevant information, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have the desire to improve the delivery of information, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help

a website a website is often times the first place where people can really see an organization's message, voice, vision and judge the quality of an organization. Those who developed our website we're not professionals and we do not have the personnel hors d'oeuvres experience to go through and really make it shine. That is where you come in.

Project Plan

Prep: Review of Current Materials
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional meet to review Organization's website or website plan, discuss goals, and align expectations
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional discuss the brand positioning and communications plan (if available), the purpose, key messages, desired tone and target audience
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional agree on a schedule for completion
  • Volunteer Manager provides Professional with any existing materials and content strategy to begin writing
Milestone 1: Draft
  • Professional drafts SEO-optimized website copy and sends to Volunteer Manager for review
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager review copy (up to two rounds of review and revision)
Milestone 2: Final Draft
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About The Org

Our Mission

The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (PMAHCC) is the principal regional advocate for the Hispanic business community's civic and economic interests. It is our mission is to develop, promote and advocate on behalf of Hispanic businesses & professionals in the Pittsburgh region, while encouraging the advancement and economic growth of Pittsburgh's Hispanic community.

What We Do

Like the Pittsburgh area, The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is in a major transitional phase. In the earlier years of our organization, the Latinx population of our city was very small and consisted mostly of middle to upperclass individuals working in corporations. Today the landscape is rapidly changing. Since 2010 the Hispanic Population has grown 170%. As a result we are looking to change our focus from a primarily networking organization that gave back through scholarships to a true chamber of commerce offering programming and resources to the community at large.

We are in the process of restructuring board requirements, developing programs, seeking grants and more gowever are operating with no full or part time paid staff. We have one "paid person" recieving a minimum stipend for 25 hours per month and donating at least 135 hours per month. This model is not sustainable. We need assistance with tasks so that we can move forward and grow to sustainably meet the needs of the local Hispanic community.

Our project is sponsored by: Philadelphia Foundation

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