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Community & Economic Development

By David W.

Director of Communications and Marketing

Posted Jan 11, 2018

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Jan 23, 2018

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Sara E.

What We'd Like To Talk About

I'd like some inspiration/thoughts about using Salesforce better.

Additional Context

We have an existing salesforce database. But I suspect we're not utilizing it effectively.

Key concerns:

1) We have a LONG "sales cycle" -- up to 2/3 years in some cases.
2) We have VERY diverse audiences -- town managers/elected officials, funders/partners, town residents, and more -- all with their own barriers, objections, and challenges.
3) Our "product" is actually free of charge -- we're an operating foundation. BUT -- the towns who implement our system need to sign up to implement it over a 2 year timeframe -- so they need to stay consistently motivated and resilient.
4) Finally, because of all of the above -- I"m convinced the "language" around "sales" is wrong for us -- I'm interested in how thinking of these as "active relationships" might change our thinking about how to use Salesforce in general.

I could really use inspiration and brainstorming help from someone who's used Salesforce in the past, especially in innovative ways.

  • Estimated Time: 1 hour
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Our Mission

The Orton Family Foundation seeks to empower people to shape the future of their communities by improving local decision-making, creating a shared sense of belonging, and ultimately strengthening the social, cultural, and economic vibrancy of each place.

What We Do

The Orton Family Foundation is focused on building stronger, healthier, and more economically vibrant small cities and towns across America. Founded in Vermont in 1995, the foundation devoted more than a decade to working with small towns to develop a community development model that empowers residents to shape the future of their communities. Community Heart & Soul® projects are underway across the country creating positive change that is resident-driven, recognizes the value in the unique character of each place, and the deep emotional connection of the people who live there. By actively seeking the collective wisdom of all residents, including those whose voices are often missing, Community Heart & Soul brings people together to build stronger, healthier, and more economically vibrant communities. This resident-driven model takes into account both the unique character of a town and the deep emotional connection of the people who live there – a town’s “Heart & Soul®.” These collective insights into what truly matters most serve to guide the town in making the best decisions about its future. Because the model is resident-driven, Community Heart & Soul builds stronger, healthier, and more vibrant small cities and towns based on what matters most to everyone.

Community & Economic Development
Sara was so kind and generous helping a newbie to Salesforce like me understand what the software can and cannot do for me. Her advice got me off to great start to making this tool work even harder for our organization!
David Weaver
David W.

Project Manager

Tech Systems Phone Call

Great dialogue with David and I enjoyed learning more about Orton Family Foundation. What a great cause.
Sara Evans
Sara E.