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Feb 12, 2013

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Gregory V.

This project will save us $10,000, allowing us to

What We Need

An online marketing plan document outlining:

  • Proposed budget (keeping in mind the organization's capital and human capital resource constraints)

  • Target audience

  • Strategic creative and branding recommendations that address the organization's key marketing objectives

  • Recommended media planning of strategic placements, communication messages, creative designs

  • Required resources and a timeline of execution

  • Quantifiable metrics to evaluate the success of the plan and future campaigns

How This Will Help

What We Have In Place

  • Location: Remote (work anywhere)

Project Steps

  1. The professional and the organization discuss the organization's current online marketing presence as well as the organization's online marketing needs and objectives (e.g. site traffic, brand awareness, collecting donations). The organization determines available budget to be allocated to paid sources of online marketing.

  2. The professional and the organization identify target audience(s) within the organization's existing network and determine which new audiences the organization would like to reach.

  3. The professional conducts an inventory of the organization's digital assets (e.g. social media, search engine optimization, etc.) and identifies appropriate media tactics, channels, and properties for the organization’s online promotion. The professional assesses the organization’s online outreach/publicity capacity as well to determine if/how the organization is enlisting key influencers to communicate its mission.

  4. The professional drafts an online marketing strategy document recommending activities and campaigns the organization can implement to achieve its online marketing goals. The organization and professional go through two rounds of review and discussion.

  5. The professional instructs the organization on the various online tools that are available and how the organization might use them.

  6. The professional and organization establish quantifiable metrics to evaluate the success of the plan and future campaigns (e.g. number of advertising impressions, visitors to website, CTR/interaction rates, number of unique donations). Together, they then analyze what content (e.g. video, pictures, personal appeals/stories, interactive questions, polls) would yield the highest interaction.

  7. The professional delivers a final draft of online marketing plan with recommendations for next steps and implementation.

Prerequisites for Professional
  • 3-5 years of experience in digital media planning, digital media sales, e-mail marketing, social media campaigning, online marketing or business-to-consumers and/or business-to-business digital marketing
  • Experience constructing an online marketing plan
  • Experience executing an online marketing plan or campaign
  • Prerequisites for Organization
  • A main website
  • Clearly defined Brand Messaging
  • Social media assets (if none exist, willingness to create new SM assets)
  • Core marketing message/positioning clarified and understood
  • Target audience information and call-to-action strategy (if one exists)
  • Ability to articulate organization's online marketing goals
  • Willingness to allocate budget for online marketing activities (Note: paid sources of traffic may be recommended as the best strategic decision for the organization)
  • Our Mission

    Uniquely focused on the needs of musicians with bipolar disorder, The Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research supports and conducts research on bipolar disorder and creativity while promoting awareness, providing education, and serving as a resource for these musicians and their support systems in order to foster acceptance, functioning and health.

    What We Do

    The purpose of The Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research is to apply Sean's celebrity and the love of Sean's fans and fellow musicians to increase research for treatment of Bipolar Disorder, develop and support education for early diagnosis and intervention, and translate the human side of bipolar disorder and its severity to improve outcomes and resources, especially for those without insurance, targeting the musical community.

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