Website User Interface (UI)

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Nonprofit VOTE

Julian J.
Director of Research and Training


As a nation's largest provider of voter engagement training and resources for the nonprofit sector, all our materials, tools and trainings are accessed through our website. We have chosen this project because our website's ease of use and navigability is critical to serving and building our national audience.

Our goals are to:
--Build Nonprofit VOTE as the leading resource for the 501c3 nonprofit sector on nonpartisan resources to engage their staff, clients and constituents in voting and elections
--Establish our expertise, nonpartisanship and social mission
--Have an outstanding home page that lets users know exactly who we are and what they'll find on our site, encourages them to take action such as signing up for a web training, viewing or downloading a resource, subscribing to our updates, using our state by state voter information page and letting their peers know about us.
--Have a well-designed site that makes it easier for users to access the type of resource on the topic they are looking for from sponsoring candidate forums, to conducting voter registration or getting out the vote.

We understand that completing the UI design is the first step, only to be followed by a subsequent Catchafire project for Visual Design. Once both the UI and visual components of the redesign have been completed, our goal is to make the site accessible to first-time visitors looking to learn more about voter engagement while also addressing the needs of more experienced 501(c)(3) organizations who are visiting with specific goals or resources in mind.

We have a detailed project brief that outlines what we want to change in our existing website but to give you a sneak peek into what we’re thinking:

(1) The UI and visual components of the redesign should result in a site that is attractive, easy to use, and un-intimidating to less tech savvy visitors.
(2) Visitors to the site should feel that they're part of a larger movement and that voter engagement work is safe and appropriate for 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
(3) We want more ways to capture contact data from our visitors – individual name, nonprofit name, and email. In the past we’ve considered asking people to supply this information before downloading a resource.
(4) The site needs to include a place where we can highlight our importance and impact of our work on the nonprofit sector and a way to share our accomplishments.
(5) The site should have opportunities to take action: We want site visitors to do certain things, e.g.
- Signup for our newsletter
- Signup for our upcoming webinars
- Order hard copies or download materials like our “Voter Participation Starter Kit” or voter registration posters
- Use our “Voting in Your State” tool
- Or demonstrate support for nonprofits doing voter engagement
- Other actions include following us on social media, visiting our blog or visiting our YouTube page


  • Overhaul of the UI on organization's existing website, or UI design for a new website.
  • Clear map of website’s structure with wireframes to accompany the layout. Wireframes may include homepage, content navigation page and content presentation templates.
  • Flowcharts or specifications for the interactive features of the website.



We'll send your friend an email, inviting them to join you on this project. If they accept, they'll be listed on the project's summary page as a contributor