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Completed on July 15, 2015


Christopher M.
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We have a tremendous opportunity in 2013 with the mayoral election to inform candidates, the public and media about concrete steps to reduce and hopefully one day eliminate the crisis of homelessness. Hence it is critical that HSU amplify its voice by re-designing our website to increase our public profile and showcase the good work of members of our coalition and the critical need to create REAL solutions to homelessness.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and creative consultant to join our team to help us realize our dream to get the website ASAP. We have been planning for a new website for about a year and have most of the content ready to go as well a draft site map and a list of sites and plug-in features we like. The project consultant will have the opportunity to not only help one small non-profit but create a powerful tool to empower the entire sector of non-profit homeless providers.

Business Issue/Opportunity:
Our current website is outdated, static, lacks content, lacks a user-friendly interface to update content, and does not add value to HSU’s profile.
• Lacks capacity for resources (e.g., video library for training videos, tutorials) /capacity for member involvement/engagement/discussion
• Needs to embrace new forms of social media to become more conducive to responding to changing developments in government policy, advocacy
• Does not adequately convey who we are as an agency, or reflect the work/accomplishments of agency- needs to add face of our membership

HSU will:
• Provide content and suggested layout
• Provide sample websites which have content/features/formatting which we find desirable
• Provide feedback to design team with regard to format/functionality/content/vision of website
• Advise as necessary for specific sections, components, and capacities of website

Design Team will:
• Create and organize layout of new website, taking into account feedback and suggestions
• Implement our immediate goal of creating a new public web site and advise on our longterm goal of creating a private/ members only portal for HSU members.

Project Business Goal:
The purpose of this project is to redesign our website to more clearly convey the vision, goals, and accomplishments of our coalition, serve as an advocacy tool, and create a member section that is an organic online resource for our members.
• Raise our agency’s profile among homeless service providers, the public, government partners, and funders
• Increase transparency of city and state level services/programs/resources through becoming a communications hub for our members
• Better mobilize our members and the public to address advocacy issues regarding social services
• Longterm: Educate more of our member agencies’ staff through virtual trainings/webinars that can be accessed on demand

Primary Project Objectives:
The primary goal of the project is to create a more accessible, user-friendly, content-rich, easily updatable website
• Redesign the Front/Public Section that can:
o Incorporate new forms of social media/ galleries/ videos/ donor options/media feeds & articles (that are easily updatable)
o More clearly convey the composition, vision, foci, and accomplishments of our coalition
o Drive advocacy with user-created automated letters to government officials
o Serve as resource hub for providers and people in crisis
• Create a Members’ Section that contains:
o A web forum where provider-related questions can be posted/ searched
o A private online video resource section of trainings
o An online form component to post and search member agency job postings


  • Development of a new website based on one of the available CMS website templates (such as Wordpress, Squarespace, or Drupal)
  • Training to ensure organization's staff members can update content and manage the site post-launch.
  • Note: Only includes websites built on CMS based platforms. This is not a website from scratch.



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