1-3 Minute Video | Filming & Editing

Project Canceled


Voolla addresses a critical issue by making volunteering easier and generating badly needed funds for charities. Our platform, which turns volunteer skills into money for charities, is an innovative approach that changes the way we give to charity. Through our program, anyone with a skill (everything from babysitters to doctors) can volunteer their services to raise funds for a charity. We incorporated in 2011 and started promoting the site in November 2012 - www.Voolla.org.

The story of how Voolla came to be is appealing and based on real-life experiences, but hard to explain in a few sentences. We feel a video about the founder's journey and why this new way of volunteering is so revolutionary will create buzz about our program.

The volunteer professional will work directly with our founder. Our team is easy to work with and responsive. We are an all-volunteer team.

What Voolla offers is very unique, and we would love your help telling our story!


  • A short, 1-3 minute HD video designed to pack a punch, go viral, be shared and, in short, create deafening buzz for your programs and mission. Use this video to spark interest for further exploration on the web.
  • Exports or DVD’s ready for the web or the duplication house.
  • An expert’s guidance on how to structure a promotional video for maximum impact.
  • One of the most powerful tools for getting the word out – video --at your disposal.


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