Fundraising Plan Review

Project Canceled

Families for Depression Awareness

Susan W.
Director of Programs and Marketing


Families for Depression Awareness is looking for a skilled professional to help develop an improved fundraising plan. The organization was started over 11 years ago and has grown significantly in that time. Our hope is that this plan will help the organization continue to grow and reach its short-term and long-term goals.

Our current funding comes from a mix of individual donors, foundation grants, and pharmaceutical companies. In response to the economic downturn, we realized that we needed to focus on diversifying our funding. In 2012, we launched our inaugural event Strides Against Stigma. Our goal is to review all aspects of fundraising to determine the best areas and methods for growth.

The pro bono fundraising professional would:
• review our current plan
• review current sources of funding
• research new prospective funding sources
• determine the value of all current and potential funding sources
• assist in the creation of realistic growth forecasts for the next five years
• provide a comprehensive plan with tangible, realistic, and specific goals

We believe that this project would be an ideal fit for someone who has three to five years experience in strategy/fundraising and experience with individual donors.


Detailed comments based on a thorough review of an existing fundraising plan. A fundraising plan will address the following questions:

  • What is the overall fundraising goals? What is the total dollar amount and types (e.g. monetary, in-kind donations, etc) of funds to raise?

  • What are organization’s intended uses of the funds?

  • How much would the fundraising activities cost? What is the budget?

  • What are prospective funding sources: individual donors, corporate sponsorships, government funds, foundations, or special events?

  • Where to find prospective funders and how to reach out to them?

  • What are the best metrics to measure the success of fundraising campaigns? By amount raised, number of new donors, number of contacts made with foundations, etc.?



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