Promotional Video

Project Complete

Completed on Jan. 16, 2015


Matthew B.

Second Chance Toys

Shelly L.
Business Developer/Board Member


We are focused on targeting corporate partners for promotional support of our mission. We are looking to create a video that will easily tell our 'good and green' story, the opportunity we represent, and the 'ask' to business prospects. With sustainability being so topical today, we are looking to continue fusing relationships like the ones already underway with Kohl's, 1-800-Got-Junk? and AAA.

Second Chance Toys has collaborated with The Chris Canty Foundation (NY GIANTS) which included television appearances to facilitate considerable media publicity.

We've conducted major Earth Week events in conjunction with Kohl's, one of which culminated at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia with over 300 Associates who collected over 8,000 toys for area organizations. We've utilized over 80 branches of Investors Bank as toy drop-off locations and we recently piloted a program with AAA which will be expanded during our upcoming holiday drive.

There are many ways to partner with SCT and the fact that our mission not only benefits disadvantaged children but the environment as well, offers a collaborative platform for corporate and retail partners looking to do good and green.

We want to bring this to life in a 'sales' video.


  • A 1-3 minute video delivered in electronic format with HD quality as a master version, along with any agreed upon formats for final usage.
  • Raw footage shot for the video.
  • Interview transcriptions (if applicable).


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