VISIONS, Inc., works with individuals and institutions to recognize, understand, appreciate and leverage the power of difference. We have a 28 year track record of engaging people deeply around the “isms” and creating a safe space for the hard and rewarding work of distinguishing, sharing, and taking action around inequity. We do this work with small and large organizations across all sectors. Our work invites people into a journey of discovery and action.

What We Do

VISIONS has four main areas of activity:

1. Fee for service consulting for non profit and for profit clients, shaped around their pressing needs and interests. 80% of our revenue comes from this consulting.
2. Grant funded work in low-income communities training resident leaders in how to advance equity.
3. Intensive workshops (4 days long) for individuals and members of organizations to learn and practice our model.
4. Youth development (the Legacy Project) that hires and trains teens to become the next generation of anti-oppression advocates.


Greg G.

Associate Director of Programs

Richard P.

Associate Director of Administration

Carlene L
Carlene L.

Board Member